Mr. Bou Panha

Director / Co-Founder, Legend Tiger

A man who’s work for two dollars as his monthly salary, telling about his successful business career were converted from the quality of products that’s the result from teamwork and the response to the needs of clients. That’s the deeply hidden behind the scene the Legend Tiger agency is one of Cambodia’s top-line production companies in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

A young calm and talent, Mr. Bou Panha, Executive Producer of Legend Tiger recalled his amazing background while he was began his career as the assistant of sound technician in the last decade. “Because of I’m grew up in an unhealthy family which my father was the electronic technician. I always like to play with many type of the electronic equipments,” he added. “One day in 2000, during my first year in university, I was started my first job as an assistant of sound technician for a small company.”

“I was very happy to start my career with the new, modern sound system imported from the United State of America by American,” Panha said. “But over one month later, my American boss was given me an envelop which a phrase ‘this is your salary’ that you’re try to working hart for the company. I was very happy by that time.”

“It’s very supper surprised me while I back home and open the envelop I found a Two Dollars note, I love it,” Panha said. “At that day, I spent that money to buy some food for my mom and dad with my first salary, that I never have.”

By pointing back to wall that hanging a Two Dollars note, Panha continued that “That’s is my valued first salary and I love it so much with remember forever.” Presence day, he is the owner of an advertising agency name’s Legend Tiger established in 2010, it was recognized in the Kingdom of Cambodia as well as the regional as the top quality producer.

Mr. Panha explain that “our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way – by operating professionally and understanding our clients demands.” Although we are a young workforce but we do posses in depth knowledge and professional capability in the industry and we are well versed with all standards of practice.

He continue, we do invest in a lot of foreign expertise such as the hiring of experienced Producers, Directors and DOPs from this region and we do also have an extensive network of production specialist ranging from all over the world. This is done so that we provide our clients the absolute best quality in satisfying all their advertising needs.

Over 5 year of establishment Legend Tiger company operation with highly skilled workforce consists of approximately 35 in-house employees. And boast an array of the most recent hardware and software tools in order to realize all our projects.

“We are involved in virtually every facet of the production industry offering services such as acquiring the latest cine equipment required for shoot, pre-production and post production facilities i.e. offline, online, color grading, 3D graphic & animations services as well as sound designing, recording and final mix capabilities,” Panha added. Legend Tiger is the leading in-house company to product TV Commercial production for local and regional market. For additional production such as corporate videos, feature film production, Drama production, music production and radio production.

Legend Tiger provides extensive services which include, full production solutions including producing, directing, talent sourcing, locations, first assistant, director, cameraman, director of photography. Also, full post production support such as offline, online color-grading, 2D as well as 3D rendering facilities. And provide facilities such as stage or studio rental professional cine equipment – full grip and lighting packages.

Mr. Panha continue that as of March 2015, we are establishing a joint venture partnership with Gear Head Company Limited from Bangkok, a renowned equipment rental company that will be based in Phnom Penh to facilitate all of our shooting requirements.

The staffs of Legend Tiger company consists of a totally motivated and energized bunch of easy going personalities. They are committed to the job at hand and do not cover from hard work. They take pride in their work and constantly strive to be the best at what they do. Their team seems to have a drive to continuously raise the bar of production standards in the country by producing top quality work.

Legend Tiger is striving to be a nation leader in total production services and solutions. Building upon our strong reputation and professional etiquette, we are in the process of transforming from a small one room office to a mega powerhouse brimming with ex- ceptional talent and passion for the ‘game’. Aiming to be the most reputable production house in whole of Indochina in the next 5 years.