Mr. Chang Bunleang

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Entrepreneur Profile:

Mr. Bunleang is an ardent entrepreneur and was driven to build a strong local brand that can compete internationally. Bunleang plays a pivotal role in managing the operations of Brown Investment Group (BIG), making strategic branding and management decisions to spearhead the company in becoming the leading F&B Company in Cambodia. His latest achievement was driving Brown Coffee to sourcing and roasting their own coffee beans. Mr. Bunleang has turned ideas into successful ventures.

Company Profile:

Starting off with a small family business of less than ten to hundreds in 6 years, Brown family is committed to serving our customers and to training our new family members to be part of this unique experience. From our Barista to our Chef to our Head of Human Resource, we embrace the idea of personal growth and team work. Our goal is to make every cup counts.

Brown Coffee was established in 2009 by a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs seeking to share their love of coffee. With new concept designs, exceptional customer service, and consistently high quality products, Brown Coffee immediately garnered a huge fan base which grew organically and almost exclusively by word of mouth. It has now become the benchmark coffee concept, the ones who revived coffee culture in Phnom Penh. Today, Brown Coffee Co., Ltd manages a total of 12 branches under its 2 brands namely Brown Coffee and Bakery, Fox Wine restaurants.

Brown Coffee is a synonymous with excellent quality and consistency, exception service, and outstanding customer experience. Brown Coffee has always been meticulous about sourcing our beans. As of 2014, we began sourcing only single origin beans and carefully roasting it to achieve a perfect profile that is smooth, balanced and uniquely Brown.

Fox Wine Bistro restaurants opened in mid-2014 is our new concept restaurant where we aim to re-invent the casual dining experience in Phnom Penh with a unique selection of refined western and Asian foods matched with selected wines from around the world.

Inspiration Messages to Younger Generation

  • We are very lucky to be us, born after Khmer Rouge, and there fore we should be the agent to make Cambodia and the world a better place via no matter what business we are into.
  • Let’s not wait and complain but let’s start doing things with positive attitude. You might stumble and fail but let’s get up and run faster.
  • Let’s work harder and smarter than the Korean and Japanese.