Mr. Chea Sarin

Director / Co-Founder, Champei Spa and Salon

Champei Spa and Salon was founded by Chea Sarin and his friend, thenofficially opened on November 2006. Champei offering variety of spa and massage services with attention for stress relief, utmost relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind. At present, there’re two operational outlets at BKK1 and soon will open another outlet in ToulKork area, with a vision to become a leading spa chain operator and franchisor in Cambodia.

Mr. CheaSarin, is an architecture and urbanize. He was spent many years in his professional career as well as professor at Royal University of Fine-Arts in Phnom Penh for many years after his graduated from AIT (ASEAN International Technology) in Thailand. Also he is the founder for Green Gold that provided the services marketing researcher and architecture, contractor. With his busy jobs and seemingly made him tired and stress, he found the ways to relax by massage and spa.

“One day a friend of mind asking me to buy a small share to make a small business in spa and massage, I agreed because I liked its,” Sarin said. “This new small business to compare to my current business career. But herenot just made some money for me, more then that what I found it provide many jobs for our female people who’s get little education from the provinces.”

“Then, I decided to design a Champei Spa and Salon as a unique and professional.We’re starting to reform by chosen the expert of massage, spa and salon to train our team work,” Sarin said. “Our mission is to provide excellent quality of service with affordable price by genuine hospitality and to provide skilled training to our employees and improve our employees’ life change.”

“We are providing only spa and health massage. Our target clients are professionals, business owners, and government elites, as well as middle income who spend more time in office or on traveling. Their work is easily create stress and painful in their body. We also target a small tour group,”Sarin said. Whiteness the grew “annual sale is nearly 1 million dollars for 2014.”

He continued our key successful strategy is to pro- vide excellent service with reasonable and affordable price. “At Champei Spa and Salon, the guests will got experienced as 5 stars services and the fee as 3 stars.” Currently, we are one of the top spa operator in term of
size and quality of service. Our long-established culture of “one for all and all for one” have distinguished us from other spa operator. At present, Champei spa is under the transformation from owner managed to team managed business.

“We already have proper corporate governance structure, clear business plan, strategy and action plan. We have proper accounting and financial system and we plan to have proper customer relation management system and human resource management system”Sarin said.

Currently, we are operating two outlets with total employees of 57 persons exclusive of supporting office and employees from other business under the same company investment. The key successful factor was that we put our staff’s livelihood as priority. We committed ourselves by informing them that within 6 months their monthly income will be at least $120. We made it while at 6th month we, the owners, injected more fund due to cash flow deficient resulted from negative P&L.

Mr. Sarin recalled that, at the commencement Champei Spa and Salon were challenging with low customer turnout, low salary paid to our employee, lack of fund to cover deficit cash flow and staff head hunt by other competitors. However, all these challenges were settled within 9 months of operation. To solve those issues we, the owners, must spend full time at the business in order to identify all problems in relation to daily operation, customer complaint and relation, staff personal issues. All complaint or problems were immediately solved.

For the near future, Mr. Sarin inform that in over next 5 years, Champei Spa and Salon will be registered as ‘Champei Spa Wellness Group’ that will operation number of business such as: Champei Spa and Massage – target for male; Champei Spa and Beauty Care target for female; Champei Health Massage – target for housewife and elder, but all in the form of franchise system. By the way Champei Spa Resort, Champei Spa and Beauty School, Champei Spa Products distributions, and Champei Fitness Center. We planned to expand our existing spa outlets: at least 5 outlets in Phnom Penh and one will be a piloted franchised outlet, including one outlet in Siem Reap and one outlets in Sihanouk Vile. Mr. Sarin was graduate in the major of Architecture in AIT at Thailand in 2005.