Mr. Ear Uy

Director / Co-Founder, Osja Studio

Entrepreneur Profile:

Mr. Ear Uy, was born in Phnom Penh, at early 1983, while the country and people of Cambodia were in the difficulty situation, and lacked all everything. He grew up in a family which his farther was local businessman to do some small trade forearn something for survive the family.

Mr. Uy was spent his childhood and student without enough material for studying. In 1999, he passed the exam for Bac II at Preah Yukunthor high school. The his parent try to spent for his bachelor degree and graduated from National University of Cambodia in Management in 2003. His finally course of master degree in MBA at Pannasastra University of Cambodia in International Business, in 2006. Beside the university degree he have spent few years in late 1990s for his skill in computer technician classes and working together.

Mr. Uy, begin his career as Computer Software Technical Assistant, and up grad to be Graphic Designer in during 2000 till 2004. And then change his job to be an Accountant Support and Business Communicator for private company.

With his own saved and parents support Mr. Uy, took his big step to operate his own business on services “Monorom Professional Massage” and “Monorom Professional Car Care,” from 2007 till late 2010. And then move back to his own dreamed for computer game maker with the established “Osja Studio” in 2011 till now as the first Cambodian game development studio. He said that “Find our/your passion, and aim toward it. Don’t follow the crowd,” being the businessman we have to find something new and unique.

“What others think of people doing is their own responsible, not for everyone. We just do good and be true to ourshelf and society,” Uy added.

Business Profile:

It’s been three years since the establishment of Osja Studio. Mr. Ear Uy, the Co-Founder and Director for Osja Studio, it’s a local company inventing their knowledge into the world stage games. Actually the products of Osja Studio, not just for entertaining games but it blending the concept of arts and cultural, that hidden some good ethic and activities lesson through today modern technology. He said that since the beginning till now, “we have developed more than 10 mobile games for our own and delivery to the clients including few
NOGs and companies.”

Among the ten, ‘Good Man Quiz’ is the title of one game we created for an NGO’s PYD – who’s working on the projects with responsible for the social good and aim to promote the purpose to educate men on understanding and reducing domestic violence. It is made with all Cambodian texts with voice over in Khmer, so everyone could play it, even they’re illiterate. The game is available on Google Play and has been downloaded for more than 17,000 downloads. People could enjoy by trying to win the game, but at the same time they will learn a lot from it without notice. We believe in making the education fun through game activities. In a sense, that people can learn things without knowing and enjoying the game.

Normally, every play need to be the good man, so they need to passed at eight questions among the ten. “While everyone playing especially for the men, they always just concentrate on the ways of how the win a game. But through game activities, they’ve to read questions step by step, which each hidden a secret simple lesson to the men activities. Then they will reduce their bad or anger behavior without any knowing themselves,” Uy said. “So by playing the Good Man Quiz people will act the on peace ways.”

Mr. Uy continued “Our most popular game so far is ‘Asva The Monkey’, it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. It got more than 200,000 downloads. It was No. 1 game in 3 countries, and top 10 in 20 countries.”

He adding that we always ensure to deliver high quality standard product. “We also had received several recognition awards including Gold Model Prize Winner at ICT ASEAN Award 2014; Special Jury Award for ASEAN Character Award 2014; Nominated for Best Game Arts at Casual Connect Asia 2014; and Winner at DEMO ASEAN 2013.”

Our core activity is to develop interesting, easy to play, fun mobile games featuring Cambodian’s culture. “With our best in arts design and the unique look of Cambodian’s culture integration with the characteristic, we can position our game apart from other company and still offer fun game play that everyone can enjoy.

Osja Studio is the first Cambodian game development studio in Cambodia, starting a new industry in Cambodia without prior experience, skill, and with no support in game development. And, there also no resources in human resource or any school that offer games development skill training in Cambodia.

Mr. Uy was graduated in Business and Administration at National Institute of Management (NIM) in 2003. During 4 years at NIM, while every free time he was involved with his teacher for doing some services as computer technician for both software and hardware.

“That job is one of my favorite since late 1990s, while I was a kid we always like to play some cartoon games,” Uy added. “As the computer technician, I learn a lot, and I try to research more on some simple PC games as we plays for fun and I always dream of ‘making my own game’ in the computer or game station.”

In 2007, while the first iPhone appearing in the Cambodia market which gave many opportunity for fun with some games and Apple App, Uy love it so much. “By that time, I and few friends start to study about iPhone App. We found some ways that we believe our small team can integrating into this new era,” Uy said. “The right time for the team is not easy for us. While we need to save enough fund, and a bit strong experiences to operation Osja Studio as a company in early January in 2011.”

The team finances their company by own investment and some loan. And in early stage, with little recognition, we also get some financial injection through making game for other company, he added.

He said, we have to start out everything with only our passion of creating game and try a chance to bring Cambodia to the world through game. The best sources for Osja Studio team is researching on the internet and learning by ourselves, and meanwhile, they put them into real project through trial and error. “Just do it, worrying can’t help you solve the problem,” Uy added. “We have to do what we love, and we will love what we do.”

Building the team is probably the most difficult thing, since there’s no human resource in game development. “We have to train everyone from zero up with our little experience about it. But our effort has paid off, we have build great games and recognized by the local and international,” Uy said.

With our experiences so far, with the success projects and some failed projects, we have learned from it and revise our plan. “The more we do, the more mistakes we make, the more blames we get, but also the more we learn. We looking for improvement, no one is perfection,” Uy said.

Now Osja Studio focusing on social integrated mobile games, “we understand that people like playing mobile games with their friends.” Mr. Uy said “as a game designer, it’s a great way to experience the game with others. As usual, we always feature great storytelling into the game and introduce our unique art with Cambodian culture integration.” Not only that give the player a new flavor of new art and story, but also a game play that they could enjoy alone or with friends and family.

He explain, we only select those who are in love with games, those who has the passion for games and passion to create something of their own. And those include not only the founders themselves, but every team members who wish to join in our team. We don’t just want to make games for financial purpose, we want everyone to do what they love doing while achieving the financial side of it. Therefore, every obstacles are worth pushing through, every road blocks are just another adventure.

“We are all experienced game players ourselves, and making our own games are our dreams. We always keep our knowledge up to date with the new and latest technology, which is a never ending process, and we love it. That’s what make the work interesting and bring new experience all the time,” Uy said.

Working on something so new with zero experience is a very stressful job, coz you have to learn, try, and fix things along the way. Therefore, we built a stress-free environment and culture from the beginning, things that everyone are welcome to make mistakes. We reward those who to try. We work in an open office environment and adapting agile management method. Game development involved different part and group of teams. The teams consist of Game Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Texturing, 3D Rigging, 3D Animation, 2D Artist, 2D Animation, Character Design, Graphic Design, UI Design, Sound Editing, and Beta Testing.