Mr. Hong Leang Y

Director / Co-Founder, Lotus Green Team Co., Ltd.

Entrepreneur Profile:

Hong Leang Y was born in the mid-1980s in Prek Dambok commune, Srey Santhor district, Kampong Cham province. In 1998, Leang finished his general education at Srey Santhor High School, and from 1998 to 2003, he continued his studies gaining a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in Mechanical and Industrial. He then spent two years as an engineer for a company, after which he was promoted to site manager for a construction firm. From 2005 to 2007, he studied and completed an MBA degree from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand in Management of Technology.

Holding the MBA degree from AIT, Leang gained experience and learnt about working as a manager. He is an open-minded person who strives to always better himself. He leads by example, pushing his team to work with passion and sincerity. Through his integrity, Leang gains respect from people around him including his staff, friends and family.

Before establishing his own business, Leang was working as a mechanical engineer for CominKhmere Co Ltd from 2003 to 2005. Then, between 2007 and 2009, he was a general manager for RISCO Limited.

From 2009 until now, Leang and his partner have operated their own business called Lotus Green Team (LGT). He said that, “Most people love to do great things, but little thing make a difference too. Success is not the destination, it is just only the journey.”

Business Profile:

Over the past six years, LGT, a contracting service provider in construction industry, has developed rapidly to provide state-of-the-art solutions in the areas of mechanical ventilation, air-conditioning and electrical and plumbing systems with high standards in their projects in Cambodia.

Leang, co-founder and managing director of Lotus Green Team (LGT), recalled that in early 2012 the company began with small projects. “LGT, started with five people including myself, with most of us working in the construction field. I still have to play my role as a general worker because I have to work as a general manger, in the field and in the office, too,” Hong said. “At the beginning of LGT, we shared $3500 per person among the shareholders.”

With skilled and experienced workers in the mechanical and electrical field, LGT developed from a small firm with five staff members, to a company with more than 350 staff. LGT policy keeps changing and improving to meet customer requirements and to help the business be more competitive in the market.

“We treat our staff as family members, each year we hold staff parties and middle management trips for team building ,” Leang said. “We also provide incentives two times per year, one before Khmer New Year and another in Pchum Ben day.”

“LGT believe that, with happy and healthy staff, the company can prosper,” he added. “Our company has seven levels of employees, they each get different benefits and responsibilities. Starting from lowest as the helper, they earn between $130 to $180 per month. And our manager levels they will reach around $250 to $500 per month.”

With successful experiences, he noted that, “For me, we have do which what we think will better the company, affordably and responsibly,” as a service provider in the construction industry, he said. “I am lucky, I chose the good partner. A business partner is like husband and wife, if we get a bad partner, we have bad results – as we do not have happiness in the work.”

“Everything we do must be clearly decided together, and we work together,” he added. “We try our best to benefit our clients.” He said, LGT are targeting customers in the private, NGO and public sectors who require high standards and high-quality products and services for long-term benefit. “The most important thing in M&E (mechanical & electric) is making a building a comfortable environment and making sure it is a good environment for those who are inside; if the air-conditioner does not work, or there is no electricity or there is leaking water, no one can work inside that building.”

LGT’s services include designing, installations and maintenance of MVAC (mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning) and electrical and plumbing work. The company brings together talented workers who are su- pervised and supported by experienced engineers with a wide-range of planning, designing and site work experience and knowledge. Through the use of quality-assured products and parts sourced from leading brands, principles and our powerful team of professionals, the company is set apart from the competition. LGT focuses on quality-oriented customers and referred customers.

Leang explained that there were several difficulties facing them in the startup stage. Showing their capability with little capital investment and less human resources was a very challenging assignment. It took time to build trust and a reputation of being a reliable service provider in the sector.

“We serve customers with heart and quality to maximize profit. A few times, though, we finished the projects without profit,” he added. “With no profit sharing within the early days of its operation, LGT was still able to increase the size of the projects and be able to build a good team.”

LGT’s dream is big; to be a leading engineering contractor in the region. The company values building long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners and the community through trust, fairness and sincerity; and wishes to innovate the industry and enhance the quality and competitiveness of their services.

By focusing on stakeholders’ benefits, the company has never given up on pursuing a profitable and successful business. The projects have been increased sharply in terms of size and contract amounts. LGT has converted profit into investment capital in order to get bigger projects and increase human capital.

LGT plans to be a leading engineering contractor, and is currently investing in technology and human capital. Being a member of a leading professional organisation also helps keep LGT up to date on technology information. LGT is working with local and international firms to create in-house human capital opportunities for the expansion of the market. The firm intends to have 12 project managers by end of 2016, and they are also aiming to have a short-term skills training centre in 2018 to help to produce skilled workers in Cambodia as well as in the region, Leang explained.

“From the beginning until now, LGT has been playing an important and leading role in many building projects in Cambodia. LGT started the first project for Brasak Micro Finance Institute headquarters in Chamkar Morn district and then with the project of five-star Hotel of Park Hyatt in Siem Reap. LGT also had contracts for the TK Avenue and NOCC headquarters in Phnom Penh, and currently holds a contract for the historical expansion of Phnom Penh National and International Airport,” Leang said.

LGT has regular meetings with staff and management teams to convey the company’s vision, mission and core values. LGT also provides opportunities for staff to attend training programs and helps support them in their studies in the evenings and at the weekend.

Management also focuses on key health and safety issues, providing accident insurance and plans for staff as well as insurance for their family. LGT is working with qualified trainers to develop qualified staff. LGT’s professional engineers provide customers with information regarding ongoing operation costs and oprimise product designs to limit energy and water consumption to minimize harm to the environment, and to also reduce the cost of maintenance.