Mr. Im Phinsarith

Founder and Managing Director, IPS Security Services Co., Ltd.

Entrepreneur Profile:

Mr. Im Phinsarith has cultivated his entrepreneurship skills since he was a student at secondary school. In addition to his study, he helped his grandmother and family sell sugar cane juice and cakes. Through many hardships, his father decided to start up a security company in 2005 after Mr. Sarith’s graduation. Seeing his interest in doing business, his father assigned him as General Manager of the company. Although his experience was fresh, the company has been growing significantly over the past 10 years. His interest in this business has grown greater, leading to opening up his own company in 2010. He attributed his achievements to his wife who has always been supporting and encouraging him. Currently, Mr. Sarith is a member of BNI, YEAC, JCI and CIC.

Company Profile:

Established on 1 June 2010, IPS security Service Co., Ltd has grown dramatically from five to 280 employees by 2016. The establishment of IPS Security Service Co., Ltd was inspired by the growth of the sector, including the growth of Sara Bophea Security Co., Ltd, a company set up in 2005 and currently under the same management team. The vision of IPS is to establish leading standards of security services originally developed by a Khmer entrepreneur in Cambodia. IPS is committed to strengthening the quality of its services to the international standards, building customer confidence and satisfaction, and promoting income and living standards of its employees. The operation of IPS has benefited both local and international companies in Cambodia through the provision of well-trained and experienced security guards to guarantee safety and maintenance of the clients’ property and well-being. More important, IPS has contributed to the sustainable social development in Cambodia through the employment creation for hundreds of people, including those having difficulties in finding jabs, migrant workers, discharged or retired soldiers and policemen/-women.

IPS has skilled employees to organize the following on-site safety protection systems: (1) External Security System (ESS) for properly, goods, parking service and other activities: and (2) internal Security System (lSS) including the system of camera security, protection system in casino, hotels, and disco club. lPS targets customers at medium level with service fees starting at as low as US$150 to as high as US$300. its main customers include not only residential units but also private companies including factories, SMES, packing service providers and super markets. The main marketing strategy of IPS is through advertisements in newspapers, banners, leaflets, radio broadcast, on Facebook, YouTube, etc. Sales volume is targeted to be increasing by 10% per month which is based on maintaining a good relationship with customers, weekly meetings, planning and evaluation, as well as approaching at least five customers per day.

”’3 has over-performed its main competitors based on its profound customer relationship. The customers are guaranteed a 100% compensation over their property value. Our 24-hour intervention group and the communication manager are committed to resolve any disputes in a timely and satisfactory manner. ln the case of dissatisfaction, the company will assign new security guards as a replacement upon request. if the clients are located in a new target area, the company will assign an expert to study the location and discuss with the clients prior to position its security guards. lPS has provided constant capacity building schemes to its staff through short courses and vocational training provided by Action Coaching based in the USA.

With our office located in Phnom Penh, lPS plans to open up 2 additional branches in Siem Reap province on 1 January 2017 and Preah Sihanouk province on 1 June 2017, with plans of a scope expansion to the entire Kingdom of Cambodia in the future. The success of lPS is based on its clear business plan and strategy guiding the implementation of the company in accordance to Fist Chat, 5S & Kaizen.

In addition, lPS has contributed to the development of the Cambodian society through donations to the Red Cross, the Kantha Bopha hospital, the construction of pagoda gateways, landfilling and school gates, other charitable events hosted by JCl Cambodia and YEAC, and the National Defense University. Although the contribution is done based on available resources, lPS plans for ongoing assistance in the future. lPS also supports its staff on health issues, family issues, death, etc.


Inspiration Messages to Younger Generation

  • Success does not occur accidentally, but it arises am of effort, tirelessness and time Most Importantly we need to set out clearly What We want to achieve although we have never done such work before. We need to act with our utmost attention. Success or failure Will depend directly on our action.
  • I Networking is an advantage for us and our businesses, through which we create confidence, trust and loyalty.
  • Although l am highly educated in managing business, I have achieved what I have today through continued study and research. Thus, l learned from the experiences at other successful entrepreneurs, focusing especially on those skills pertinent to my business.