Mr. Lim Nira

CEO / Co-Founder, Brands Management Ltd.

Brands Management Ltd. Is a young company with the vision to create better job opportunities for the Cambodian people. Our target market ranges for all ages, but mainly focuses on the youth.

Under Brands Management Ltd., we currently have four brands, Chatime, myBurgerLab, Boat Noodle, and Ink Inc. Chatime is currently on the stabilization phase of development. We currently have 28 outlets around Cambodia. Most of marketing strategy revolves around social media. Chatime Cambodia is one of the first few companies to really push social media in Cambodia and has now changed how people market here. MyBurgerLab just launched in Janurary 2015. We aim to serve a great burger and provide an unforgettable experience. We have opened 8 outlets in Malaysia for Boat Noodle over the course of 1 year. We plan to launch our first outlet in Phnom Penh in early April. Ink Inc. is a printing company that provides backend support for our marketing teams. As for BML, we are still in the growth stage. We aim to diversify our businesses, generally focusing on F&B and slowly moving towards other sectors on business.

Describe the degree of difficulty in launching and building the company, or in implementing the changes of established company – the risks involved, obstacles to overcome, and how they were overcome, how it was financed, staffed and operated, etc.

With any business, there are always obstacles along the way. We are still a young company with much more to learn. There are still many things to learn, however, failure is never an option. Failure of us, means failing on 500 other individuals that are apart of our team.

Currently in BML, we have a team of 50 that cover marketing, operations, and accounting. Under Chatime, we have a team of around 370 split into all the outlets. MyBurgerLab consists has a team of 40 and 15 for Ink Inc. Some of the few obstacles were how do want to market ourselves, how do we keep a balance between social responsibilities and long term returns for the shareholders. Market position is one of the main obstacles and one we are still fighting to overcome. As for social responsibility and being a great workplace for our people, we are more than happy to paying more than the average business.

Our future plans for BML is to create more job opportunies. In turn, creating new businesses and assisting young entrepnuers to start up their business if they are lacking in funding. We aim to inspire young entrepnuers to chase after their dream. We want to be a company that provides a working environment that is catered to our people to help them to grow.

As any leader, you must be a great lister and a great motivator. Lead by example and be humble. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Be approachable and easy to talk to. You must be understand and forgiving, everyone makes mistakes. In BML, we emphasize on teamwork. We have a motto that goes, “Together we stand, together we fall, together we win, winners take all.”

Working environment is one that we’ve invested heavily on. Our current office provides an open space to optimize creativity. There is an area for taken naps and playing darts. The culture in BML is one revolved around teamwork. Rewards are given as a team, and mistakes are taken as a team. There is no you or I, only we and us. The overall structure and organization chart remains fairly flat where everyone is on the same field. There are a few team leaders that help follow up and make sure all the planning are executed properly. There is no hierarchy in BML.

Most of our CSR programs are catered to helping promote giving back to the community, helping those in need, and health and safety awareness. Some activities include, bring your helmet to any Chatime and get a cup for free, donate your old clothes for charity, and giving a portion of our sales to charities like KuntheaBopha Hospital and PSE.