Mr. Lov Chhay Heng

CEO of Ecamshopping

Company Profile:

Ecamshopping was established in mid-2012 under the initial name Ecambodiamarket. At that time, the company consisted of only two employees and focused solely on women fashion clothes to be sold online. Over the years, the business has been growing steadily. In late-2013, the company started to expand the product portfolio. The name was changed to Ecamshopping, focusing more on the online market place which was established under, where people can shop whatever they want and need. By 2016, Ecamshopping employed 13 staff.

Recently, Ecamshopping started providing a variety of fashionable clothes with new styles everyday. Ecamshopping is also happy to provide many kinds of bags and other accessories to their customers. Besides this, all products come with a quality and price warranty. If a customer is not satisfied with the product delivered, the company takes it back without any charge.

Inspiration Messages to Younger Generation

If you decide to run a business you need to use all your strength and ability to face and solve any problem in any situation. This does especially mean: don’t give up your dream easily! Above that, you have to try all your best to do research on everything related to your business.