Mrs. Koung Sorita

Director, Ocean Technology Co., Ltd.

Since 1995 the beginning of new discovery of Global Positioning System (GPS)
by American scientist aim to using in for military purpose only. “Today, the broadly invent of GPS not only military purpose but its target to be using for public and private securities, and economic development support around the world,” according to Soritat. Normally GPS provide the accurate data of width and height on earth only, but it provide much more devices for other equipment and system depend on the usages.

Mrs. Koung Sorita, Director of Ocean Technology (OT) said that her company business were based on sells GPS devices and GPS Tracking System and provides monthly maintenance and customer support services for Fleet Management System. Our main business target is organization or business companies that owns business vehicles, transportation and needs GPS Tracking System and Fleet Management System to manage and control those business properties more effectively and more efficiency.

She continued that, “we know that Cambodia were developing for every sectors, especially on economic – I believed that GPS may helpful for better development that why since 2010 we establish a company’s Ocean Technology started its business.” From the beginning it was hard, it was so challenging to survive because of both internal and external factors – “we have limited skilled human resources and its products and services were so new to the markets.”

In term of human resource development of Ocean Technology company, “my uncle in-law were an expert on GPS and GIS system, he was studied from oversea for long years, he helping our team work day by day,” she added. OT staff and technician start their professionalism and skills with high quality products and services, responsibility aim to value our customer and build trust.

Mrs. Sorita explain that five years ago, there were not many people knew or said the word ‘GPS’ which is different from now that there are more and more people know it. There were people got back their losing motorbike and cars by using our GPS Tracking System, and it was on the news which made even more people knew ‘GPS’ and ‘Ocean’.

However the help mass-media such as Radio, magazine, poster on Tuk-Tuk, leaflets distribution, booth at schools and attending business fairs, Facebook, TVs and direct meeting with potential customers for product and service presentation have made OT well-known for ‘GPS’. “Today our company products and services grows well every day and I and our team work do everything to make sure it benefit to the customer,” Sorita said.

“More than five years of establishing and growing, currently OT have employs more than ten people, and is providing its services to both local and international, private and cooperate organization and business within more than 10 cities and provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia.” In the near future, OT plan to expand the business operation by hiring more employees to support each team, especially in the Sale & Marketing, and Installation & Technical Support team.

As a woman, first time to do business, fresh graduated (in International Relation) without business experience were already great challenges and a very high risk for Mrs. Sorita to run the business in general. “To me, however, I never lose my confidence and hopes in doing this business because I strongly believe that as long as the people know what it is, and how much it will benefit them from this news technology, they will buy and use it,” she added. “For the business that I wanted to do, is ‘new’ which the market never knew it before,”

For example: GPS Tracking System has been a ‘Rule of Law’ of driving and has been co-driver as well as driver monitor/controller who always stay close with the driver every single seconds. Because the customer uses this GPS Tracking System for their business vehicles so those drivers know that they are being monitored and evaluated for their driving behavior and skill. The GPS Tracking System saves every movement and speeds and it can be viewed and evaluated real-time or off-time by the user or management of the company. It is a scientific so it will not lie and will never take side, so what it does is to tell the true of everything regarding the vehicle, its movement, its speeds, its locations, and how much the driver has violated.

Mrs. Sorita recalled that since childhood, I was a study hard student since I was young until my university degree, I have a high commitment, I did social works, I was elected as the President of Pannasastra Student Senate (PASS) for the 4th mandate and was recognized by the Management of the university, and I used to compete in the Youth Leadership Challenge that was supported and organized by the International Republican Institute (IRI) and I was also well-recognized by the IRI and USAID for this program; with all of these experiences and high shelf confidence.