Mrs. NGORN Vanntha

Director / Co-Founder, Color Silk

With 7 full time staff, and some total 450 weavers, Color Silk Co. Ltd is a leading silk producer and silk supplier in Cambodia, said Mrs. NGORN Vanntha.

Color Silk started its operation in 2009 with only 10 weavers in a village and by the end 2014, it expanded to 450 weavers in 70 villages, and the number of both increase from 2 to more than 50 both in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. It also reached international markets including United State, Germany, Denmark, Japan, South Africa, French etc, she said.

It is a social business activity with its social mission oriented to preserving a silk weaving culture that was at risk of vanishing, while reducing poverty and contributing to economic development in more isolated areas. Its product includes a richly-hued array of raw textiles, silk sarongs, fabric and silk scarves.

Mrs. NGORN Vanntha said currently the total sale revenue reported increased and expected to increase double by the end of 2015.

Color Silk provides the environmentally friendly naturally dyed silk products, final silk products. The products are NON toxics, NOT allergy to their skin, smell naturally and protect with water proof as well as color fade.

Its corporation gain success by providing the specific raw material for making dye, production technical assistant to group of low income women who make the naturally dyed silk and final silk products from Cambodian tree bark, tree leaves and tree seeds. The processes while more expansive and time consuming is also honor long held of Cambodian traditional silk hand-made, said Mrs. NGORN Vanntha.

“Color Silk gain success as today with strong commitment and passions, after it was started up with just only 8000 USD with small scale and small operation area. Fortunately, our silk products are accepted and satisfied from the market demand increased more and more form year to year, so responding to the need, we have expand our operation area to different villages, and select more potential weavers member to join us. To make sure our silk quality are standard and meet to customers need, we had set up weaving center where a place to trained and provide technical support to each members”, she added with optimistic.

“We explore our silk product to local and international market by using our marketing strategy to join local and international exhibition, using social media to promote and launch new products. We also use network and word to word promotion”, she further explain.

Artisan Association of Cambodia (AAC), Trade Department Promotion of Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia, NGO, and workshop, business partners such as tour agency, online sale agency, silk Exporters, local and international exhibitions, souvenir shop, hotel and relevant stakeholders are all Color Silk’s partner to explore new market and improving our weaver capacity and work.

With this successful business Mrs. NGORN Vanntha said in the future plans, Color Silk Company want to be a worldwide silk supply by increase member up to 1500 weavers and increase silk products by setting up 1500 silk looms in 15 villages by the end of 2017 and worldwide silk supplying by the end of 2020.

Besides, Mrs. NGORN Vanntha also said the company also plans to set up more silk training center in Takeo province for young women weavers, those women will become resource for color silk in the future. Color Silk want to be top one of social responsible Company and transfer the social business concept and share value and crucial experience to the new generation. She said, our work is not only stand-alone sustainable, but it would be involved in the social community development and women empowerment, helping disabled people, employment opportunities and contribute to Cambodian society. We work for development poor community and promote the one village, one product.