Ms. Koung Sorita

Founder & Managing Director of Ocean Technology Co., Ltd

Entrepreneur Profile:

Since spending time working as a salaried employee, Ms. Sorita has founded many businesses, including MotherPlus, Camomile Spring Cambodia, and Operation Director in addition to Ocean Technology.

Business Profile:

Founded in early 2010, Ocean Technology Co., Ltd has established itself as a credible partner for customers from various walks of life – from individuals to corporate clients. Our portfolio includes Lucky Group, DKSH, Cintri and Royal Group, UNOPS, UNDP, Asia Foundation, OXFAM, and U.S. Embassy.

The word ‘OCEAN’ stands for “Our Customers’ Expectations Are Necessary”, which also means that the company does its very best to ensure that the quality of our products and customer services satisfy and meet the customer’s expectations.

OCEAN Technology offers several products and services; however, its main products and services are GPS Tracking Products and Services. Basically, this is a device using GPS and GSM technology that is installed in a vehicle, enabling the user to remotely manage and track the vehicle through computer and/or mobile devices such as tablet or mobile phone from anywhere and at any time. This is a new technology for Cambodia, with significant benefits for the user as everything is managed, controlled and reported by the system. Through hard work and professionalism, OCEAN Technology has become the leading GPS Tracking System in Cambodia.

As an entrepreneur, I am very positive about this business, as I have seen its potential since the beginning of my thinking and research, because this technology will be the key to solving fleet management.

Inspiration Messages to Younger Generation:

As young entrepreneurs, we must be strong, both physically and mentally, in order to achieve significant further growth. We are like a small tree, so to growth bigger and better we need to think critically and have good support from different sources, both internally and externally. For me, education, experience and self-confidence are the most important things for a young entrepreneur; you have to know who you are and you must set a goal about who you want to be, then prepare yourself to reach that goal. My message is “Nothing is Impossible” and “Whatever Business You Do, Don’t Forget Morality Because This is Your Core Value.”