Ms. Puth Thyda

CEO of Oil & Gas Equipment Supply Co., Ltd

Entrepreneur Profile:

Ms. Thyda’s career began in Oil & Gas Industry (PTT Cambodia) Limited over a period spanning eight years, when she was fortunate enough to work with them. While working there she discovered many exciting challenges. Starting from a very small position in an oil terminal as a selling clerk, she was eager to ‘work smart’ and to adapt herself to this industry’s atmosphere. Since then she has been promoted to be procurement and logistics supervisor. Finally, she was upgraded to become a business development head of QSHE management, a position awarded by a leading company to achieve ISO9001 and 14001 safety certification. All that curiosity and challenging work, which are precious life skills, gave her the opportunity to take on a leadership role with many premium quality management systems and in strategy planning.

Business Profile:

Oil & Gas Equipment Supply Co., Ltd (OGES) was established in 2009 in Cambodia. It engages in trading in Oil & Gas Industry to fulfill the need for petrochemicals, oil & gas, retail fueling products, power plants, and general engineering industries. It also provides personal protective equipment for industry and construction, and retail fueling products for gas stations; as well as to supply the advanced technology aircraft refueller, which guarantees quality and safety according to the standard for airport use.

Oil & Gas Equipment Supply Co., Ltd. offers products including retail fueling products, safety equipment, and aircraft refueller.

  • Retail Fueling: OGES is revolutionizing fueling operations worldwide by delivering the most innovative, fully integrated fuel transfer system, secondary containment, spill containment, overfill prevention and dispensing solutions in the industry, all designed to help retail fuel marketers provie consumers with the most efficient and safe fueling enviroment possible. OGES offers solutions for conventional, vapor recovery, ethanol, biodiesel, fueling, as well as a complete portfolio of solutions for above ground storage tanks.
  • Safety Equipment: OGES supplies a wide range of personal protective safety gear and fire protection equipment and parts for oilfield safety.
  • Aircraft Refueller: Our range of aircraft refuellers, “ESERER”, will meet your specific needs with our standard or custom configurations. The key is to find the right balance between vehicle capcity, flow rate, chassis brand and fuelling unit configuration to build the most effective and easy to maintain vehicle.

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