Ms. Sok Kunthea

CEO, Sky King Travel & Tours Co., Ltd and Star Asia Travel & Tours Co., Ltd.

Entrepreneur Profile:

Ms. Sok Kunthea is currently a CEO of two tour companies, namely Sky King Travel & Tours Co., Ltd and Star Asia Travel & Tours Co., Ltd. Moreover, she is one the members of the Advice Council for the CEO Master Club. tn the last two years, she received two awards: the Outstanding CEO Award 2015 (CEO Master Club) and the ASEAN Woman Entrepreneur Award (Cambodian Woman Entrepreneur Association). Her burning desire has always been to become a highly committed and successful entrepreneur. She is currently enrolled in the General English Program at ACE. Ms. Sok Kunthea holds a bachelor degree in Business Management and has completed a training course on Management and Leadership Skills organized by the CEO Master Club.

Ms. Sok Kunthea used to be a Chinese Language Teacher at Takmao School before she started working as a Ticketing Staff in a tour company for around two years. When working in the tourism industry, she realized that this was the right branch for her to pursue a career. She knew that she needed to gain more experience and knowledge about this industry. Fortunately, she was promoted to be an Outbound Tom Operator, the most important position in a tour company. Working for over six years in that position, she gained the experience and knowledge aspired.

Because of loving the tourism industry so much, Ms. Sok Kunthea and her husband started operating another branch of Star Asia Travel & Tours Co., Ltd, which was established in 2009. In 2010, they decided to establish another tour company named Sky King Travel & Tours Co., Ltd. Their two tour companies allow the couple to focus on two different target markets.

Business Profile:

Sky King Travel & Tours Co., Ltd was established In 2010 and Is legally registered in Cambodia. The version of Sky King is to be a top four company in Cambodia and one of the Top five in the ASEAN region by providing the highest quality and speedy services and building long-term trust for customers. Sky King has faced challenges seeing more and more four companies entering the market and being confronted with a lack of skillful human resources in the labour market. Despite many obstacles, Sky King has developed strategies to maintain its customers’ satisfaction by focusing on good quality services as the slogan proposes: “Services and quality are the heart of Sky King”.

National Recognition:

  1. Certificate of Appreciation “Excellence for Inbound & Outbound Arrangement Service” from Ministry of Tourism.

International Recognition:

  1. Special Recognition Award “Arch of Europe for Quality & Technology in GOLD Category”
  2. International Tourism Award “Charter Flight”

Inspiration Messages to Younger Generation:

  • Every woman entrepreneur has the same potential to run a successful business as men do!
  • The more you share, the more you again!